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Log4OM is a complete logging software for HAM operators.

It features CAT support for local and remote radio, QRZ/HAMQTH lookups, visual cluster over world map with CW/PHONE filters integrated with HRDLog propagation maps by band. Label printing. Voice parrot. Supports EQSL/LOTW/HRDLOG up/download. Fully searchable and exportable log (adif/csv/pdf). Statistics. Basic contest support. Works with local DB or MySQL for multi-op and much more…

Log4OM is focused on Ham Radio activity and requires very few resources from the hosting computer.

Log4OM has been tested on all Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP/SP3 to the latest version available.

Log4OM runs fully functional on Windows based tablet computers and also from a memory stick.

Log4OM installation does not make use of system registry to store any information.

Log4OM is developed by IW3HMH Daniele Pistollato.

Daniele is a proud member of Sezione ARI di Venezia.

Click on the image below to reach the official website of Log4OM :